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Parish Staff

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Very Rev. V. David Foradori, E.V., Pastor, ext 111, [email protected]

Rev. Mr. Owen Wagner, Deacon, ext 110

Mikey Bancroft, Parish Secretary, Outreach Contact, ext 100, [email protected]

Angie Felicetty, Sacramental Preparation

Joey Bandi, Director of Liturgical Music, ext 113, [email protected] 

Lisa Bablak, LIFT Secretary, ext 115, [email protected]

Dianne Schleigh, Liturgical Environment

Victoria Wagner, LIFT Team, Outreach, Beloved Mercy Ministry Coordinator, ext 117, [email protected]

Lorie Wizorek, Little Disciples Preschool, (724) 748-6868

Gina Beggan, Preschool Aide

Tony Bancroft, Custodian